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          1. About us

            About us About us: Linlang(shanghai) Glass Products Co., Ltd was located in China(shanghai) Free Trade Zone, which is at the east north side of shanghai, near the Yangtze Estuary and was in Chines Golden Channel-----the intersection of Yangtze river and Donghai sea. We were training and introduced professionals of glass technology, foreign trade and internet technology sinc...

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            Company: Linlang(ShangHai ) Glass products CO.,LTD

            Contact: haifeng li (CEO)

            Tel: 086-21-50671116

            Phone: 086-21-50671116

            E-mail: [email protected]

            Address: Room 1101-1105, West Fute No.1 Rd. No. 139 China(shanghai) Free Trade Zone

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